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    Post  Anaxalexi on Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:42 pm

    Well, 'ello there.

    I thought I'd finally come over here and say howdy. Figured it'd be the nice thing to do.

    I'm Anaxalexi, current GM of Strength Through Unity and good friend of Deathsknight (you know, the dude trying help sort out some Raiding!)

    I've been playing since the UK release of WoW, way back when... Anaxalexi being my (current) only level 80 character, although as you can see from my signature, I'm working on a few more now.

    There is (Armory link included);
    Sinderhella, Mortisnox, Anaxurani, Attonitus, Mönölithicä,

    Anaxalexi is my Main though, having taken a little bit of a break due to work towards the end of 2009, I'm now working hard to gear him up and get him going.

    You can call me many things but I go by the following (at the moment);
    Ambassador ..... / ..... the Argent Champion / Brewmaster ..... / .....Champion of the Naaru / Chef ..... / Crusader ..... / ..... of Darnassus / ..... the Diplomat / Elder ..... / ..... of the Exodar / ..... the Explorer / Flame Warden ..... / ..... of Gnomeregan / ....., Guardian of Cenarius / ..... the Hallowed / ..... of Ironforge / ..... Jenkins / Loremaster ..... / ..... the Love Fool / Merrymaker ..... / ..... the Noble / ..... the Patient / Patron ..... / ..... the Pilgrim / Salty ..... / ..... the Seeker / Sergeant ..... / ..... of Stormwind

    Enough ePeen-ing though, I've currently only got 6200+ Achievement Points & 36 Exalted Factions under my belt, yet I've never stepped into Ulduar... so sad!

    I've not really said alot and yet I probably come across as a total tosser, so I'll leave it there. Feel free to chat to me in game, if you ever see me online.

    Fairwell for Now.

    Anax_Alexi < Click for the meaning of the name.

    My other reason for registering here is I'd like to offer you guys the chance to bug test the Portals on my own website,
    Firstly, without needing to register, you can access this site simply by hovering over the "Forums" header on the top of the page and clicking "FoU: The Raiding Alliance". This should open up this website, whilst not moving away from Clicking Links take you to the WoW-STU Forums, but you'll need to register.
    Secondly, again without registering, you can check out a number of helpful sites under the "Links" header (clicking Links will take you to the WoW-Europe Homepage). Again, these should open within the WoW-STU website.

    Many Thanks

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    Post  Deathsknight on Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:46 pm

    Achievement whore...and yes total tosser and punk! Razz

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    Post  Teya on Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:40 am

    Welcome to the forum, thanks for taking the time to sign up

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