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    For those who wish to Raid


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    For those who wish to Raid Empty For those who wish to Raid

    Post  Deathsknight on Fri Jul 17, 2009 6:58 am

    I don't know if this has been gone over before, and I dont know if this will be of any use to those who don't use the forums as they should Razz

    Here is a list of what I would expect to be the minimum required add ones prior to raiding ( I would almost expect these ALL before even running a 5 man dungeon with someone, but thats just my personal opinion Razz )

    Omen :

    DBM :
    oRA2 :

    Recount :
    ( and no, its not clever or funny to spam party/raid chat every opportunity with recount data, keep it to yourself and use it as a guide to try to improve your own stats, no one wants to see their screen full of spam from you )

    Healers should have something like :

    Healbot :

    Clique :

    Grid :

    Another nice one for DPS is Mikscrollingbattletext :
    ( helpful for showing procs very clearly so they're not wasted - mage 'Hotstreak' for example).

    There are MANY more add ons that people will use, but these are some of the more mainstream ones that really will make everyones life easier ( everyone you group with )
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    For those who wish to Raid Empty Re: For those who wish to Raid

    Post  Sazero on Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:26 am

    And here I thought raids were so pathetically easy that you can just faceroll them, so do we really need addons to overkill?

    Anyways, yes raiders should get those addons.

    I however hate addons that is viewed upon as "necessary" or "make it easier" simply because in all honesty, everything in wow should be do-able without addons. To me it feels a little bit like cheating.

    Also I'm to lazy to update them everytime Blizzard throws a patch.

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