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    Although we run ourselves as a very open, fun and friendly guild we have had to introduce these simple rules.

    There is a 16+ age limit to the guild introduced due to problems with younger players. Similarly, a level 35+ limit is also introduced to reduce in the guild becoming overrun with forgotten alts. However, alts of existing members are always welcome. Please make sure your alt has it player note edited by an officer or librarian to state your main. When advertising the guild, please make sure this information is supplied and check the interested player meets the requirements. Keep in mind though, if the player fails to meet either of these, they may be invited on a week trial basis. One incident against guild rules and policies will result in removal from the guild.

    The guild operates a three strike policy, allowing for two warnings relating to behaviour and/or conduct with the third strike being removal from the guild. On being issued a warning or a removal, you will always be informed by either an officer or the Guild Master and allowed to comment. However, once the decision has been made to issue a warning, it is generally a final decision.
    We will not tolerate any behaviour which may cause offense, violate or threaten other players. This will result in loss of guild privileges or instant dismissal from the guild and/or forum. If the behaviour in question violates not only the guilds policies, but also those of the World of Warcraft terms and conditions, it will be reported to a Blizzard official. Behaviours which fall under these new rules include, but are not limited to:

    Discrimination or derogatory comments about ones sexual orientation
    Religious discrimination
    Verbal abuse
    Account sharing
    Account Hacking

    Any incidents which are reported to myself or an officer will be dealt with accordingly. Any complaints will be kept confidential.

    There will be no deliberate starting or escalating arguments and/or fights in ANY chat window (guild, party, raid, offier or any global type channels). We are here as a team and aim to play as such. Show respect to your fellow guild members and don’t belittle them for asking a question or having a differing opinion from yours. If a discussion occurs in guild chat and it begins to become heated or offensive, you will be asked once, and once only, to remove the discussion from guild chat. Failure to do as instructed may result in a warning (please see above for warning system). You will show your fellow members the constant respect and decency that they deserve. If for whatever reason you do not get along with a certain member, either resolve your differences in an adult fashion or place them on your ignore list.

    This also applies to non guildies. No threatening, abusing or accusing members or non members, from any server. This gives not only yourself a bad name, but also the guild. Always remember you have the guilds name above your head. Treat it like an honour, with respect and dignity. Remember, bad news does tend to travel fast and all reported incidents will be investigated and appropriate actions taken.

    Similarly, conduct yourselves appropriately in instances and general chat (i.e area and trade chat). If you see something you deem offensive or against game policy, don’t shout out about it and start swearing your head off. It only brings you to their level. Report these behaviours using Blizzards ingame methods.

    If you have an issue with another member bring it to a guild member of higher rank than yourself. If they are unable to offer help then escalate the 'complaint' further by increasing ranks you /w to about the problem. Complaints about other members are taken VERY seriously and investigated fully and fairly in a manageable time frame. Please do not mention complaints in guild chat as this may hinder rather than help your cause. People who volunteer a complaint will remain nameless to everyone other than the person it has been reported to (and subsequently everyone it may escalate to). If person A complains about person B then person B will NEVER know who person A is, regardless of rank.

    Please dont always opt for /w an officer or the Guild master for every small issue when someone of slightly lower rank can potentially resolve the issue (This also shows respect for the 'chain of command' aswell as makes the issue known to several people who themselves can escalate things if they deem it a worthy enough complaint). The higher ranks in the guild have increasingly more difficult and time consuming tasks to complete regarding many guild matters and sometimes it is difficult to resolve a general members problem at the same time. Librarians etc maybe able to fix the problem far faster than the guild Master if the Guild Master is already busy with several other things at that time.

    Never begin an instance or raid which you are unsure that you will finish. This again leaves a bad impression of the guild and our members. If you have organised an event or run, ensure that you can finish it and endeavour to do so. When in an instance or raid, remember it is considered common decency to wait until all dead party members have been resurrected to avoid accusations of ninja looting; work via the need or greed rules and not your bank balance.

    Signing up for a guild calendared event means you must attend. Action may be taken, lined out in the raid section of the forum, accordingly if no reason for an absence is given. Of course, real life comes before the game, but signing for an event is a commitment you are expected to fulfill. If you have signed for an event, but for whatever reason you know you will no longer be able to attend, please change your acceptance to a refusal on the calendar so the event organiser is informed and can find a replacement if needed. All events on the calendar are listed using server time. If you are unsure of any details, speak to the organiser or a guild librarian or officer. There is no excuse for not checking details.

    As a general guild rule, we don’t offer boosts on a regular basis. If someone has time and is a bit bored, they may offer you one. Do not beg in guild or general channels to be boosted. Also, do not beg for gold or any amount of currency. The guild bank is there to offer equipment or trade supplies if you are a little short, check there rather than begging. However, no cash amounts will be given from the bank at this time.

    The bank is not there to line your pockets and withdrawals are checked daily. We have, and will continue to remove people from the guild who use the bank inappropriately. As an example, if you are a level 40 warlock you do not need the level 80 plate chest piece. The bank is not there to gear up your non guild alts. Also, guild members are not there to increase your personal funds either. Try to avoid selling items to fellow guildies, placing them in the bank or offering them for free personally is much more guild minded (unless it’s an epic items of course but do not rip a guildie off, reduction on the current auction house prices is expected). Similarly, offering a tip to your guildie for carrying out some trade work for you is advisable still, however, it is unlikely (and an individual decision of the member in question) as to whether they will accept it or not.

    Do not constantly link your gear in guild chat. Yes, its an upgrade, we’re all pleased for you, but we do not need to see it time and time again.

    Advice on gear and builds can and will be offered if requested.

    Remember, we are all here to play our own game and are not just here to help you with yours. Do not expect anyone to drop what they are doing in order to rush to the other side of Azeroth in order to help you. If asked for help people will help if and when they are able to. On the other hand, if a player asks for help do not simply refuse it or ignore them. Statements such as ‘google it’ are not helpful in any fashion and just promote unrest. Often, it is much simpler to say ‘I don’t know, sorry’ or ' I think I remember seeing a post about that on <insert forum/website name here>'. This will help to reduce the amount of questions asked in guild chat about, what maybe to some, mundane issues, by aiding newer members to actively search for their own answers first."

    "Leet speak" or Txt tlk is highly discouraged in guild chat. Occasional use is ok, generally reserved for the odd comedic comment here and there, in general however, please use English when chatting. Obviously many people are not from England and their understanding and/or knowledge of the English language can be limited, this will not be frowned upon if there is definate effort being made to communicate, this is an English Server after all. Spelling mistakes/Typo's are going to be common place, but lack of effort into what your trying to convey is something completely different. You should not, and will not be discriminated against or made fun of due to not knowing the correct use or spelling of a word (Grammer rather than Grammar for example).

    All final decisions are made by the Guild Master after council from the Officer group. All decisions are deemed to be fair and for the good of the guild as a whole entity rather than to solely benefit a single person.

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