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    Greetings from Ulduar! :D


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    Greetings from Ulduar! :D Empty Greetings from Ulduar! :D

    Post  Thalana on Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:33 am

    Well, the title speaks for itself I guess Very Happy and if you havn't guessed yet I am going to talk about yesterday's Ulduar raid what was essentially a wipefest xD although fun for me.. never had been to Ulduar (: .. the repair bills were not fun though..

    Soo.. how do I put this... i don't want to sound arrogant or teach the guild officers or anytihng like that.. just to give a word of advice..

    In my opinion the main source of faliure yesterday was that people were not organized too well and some didn't catch what was instructed prior to the encounter, i don't think that we lacked DPS (at Kologarn)because I googeled around and found out that a group with about 2.5 DPS can handle the easier bosses quite well ( )

    As for the tactics I would say that at least for me reading them and then after that putting them into use in the game is a little confusing especially if im there for the first time, so I perfer watching instruction videos from (most of the Ulduar videos should be on the 2nd page) moreover most of their videos (at least for Ulduar & Naxx, don't know about the others) are avaliable in 10man mode thus useful in our situation^^ (maybe if we could make everyone watch them it would increase our performance, cause in my experience some people are also too lazy to read and think "aaah.. we can pull it off" Smile ).

    Another thing I was wondering If all of our healers have addons that make their lives easier cause i've heared that some people heal w/o addons and are totally OK with it...i can't imagine it.. once I found healing addons I couldn't heal without them xD

    Soo.. I hope noone misunderstood this post and won't go Berserk on me Very Happy

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    Greetings from Ulduar! :D Empty Re: Greetings from Ulduar! :D

    Post  Teya on Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:17 am

    First of all, thank you Thal for digging this out for people to look at. What I am going to say next is not a personal attack at what you have written so please don't take it as so.

    I agree, people just weren't organised yesterday. We did also end up having to bring some people who aren't even signed up to raid with us.

    People were not following instruction yesterday. I can not count the amount of times I had to say to people "don't run the beam through other people" or "switch to the adds when they spawn". It is vital that people learn how to follow instruction from their raid leader and/or guild officers.

    Also, turns out some people, who shall remain unnamed here, were experimenting with a new spec. That is ENTIRELY uncalled for in a raid and under no circumstances at all should happen again. Ever. The dps of those doing this was halfed pretty easily by a lack of understanding of their new spec and set up. A raid requires that people know how to play their class and indeed their spec. I NEVER want to hear of this again.

    As part of signing for raids, people agree to the raid guidelines and sign their name saying so. These guidelines do state that "Before heading to a raid you will read the tactics, watch the videos and try to understand as much of the encounters as possible that you will be attempting." People not doing this are pulling the rest of the raid down. This can not continue.

    Yes, we are a casual guild. But for the raiding element to work, which, lets face it, you guys asked for, it HAS to be taken seriously.

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    Greetings from Ulduar! :D Empty Re: Greetings from Ulduar! :D

    Post  Deathsknight on Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:45 am

    <----- Agrees with boss lady on everything she said.
    Maybe it is our fault in some ways for not having videos linked on these forums as I know people seem far too lazy or inept to be able to simply google 'Video Ulduar boss {name of boss}'.
    It is NOT our fault however if people do not listen to the raid leader/s and do as they ask. As previously stated the guidelines should of been read and signed as understood by all. Continuing to NOT do as the guidelines ask will most likely result in no longer being invited to raids, simple solution.

    Greetings from Ulduar! :D 2117516PDaua

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    Greetings from Ulduar! :D Empty Re: Greetings from Ulduar! :D

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