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    The Family Visit Survival Guide

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    The Family Visit Survival Guide Empty The Family Visit Survival Guide

    Post  Sazero on Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:12 pm

    It is once again that time of the year. The time of strife is upon us.
    Fear is all that is left behind in it's wake.
    The horrors of Christmas's and birthdays are all but forgotten.

    Though it is troubled times indeed, all is not lost.
    Because until recently we have discovered new technuiqes
    to protect you from public shame and boredom.

    If it is you that is the traveller, you should be wary of the gray boredom.
    If not carefull it will take thee and insert its fun sucking fangs into your soft brain.

    1. Before you go, it would be wise to master the talk of no content. It is a very usefull skill
    to have, when you need to interact with your tormentors. As it will not satisfy their needs
    and would likely stop them from interacting with you any futher. Atleast for a while.

    2. As for clothing wear something that does not strike the eye. The less colorful, the more time
    you have playing games, before you are getting interrupted by petty talk. And a less chance that
    your tormentors would detect you not being there.

    3. It is imperative that you do not under any circumstance show interest in any topic at hand.
    This will just waste precious time away from your games or books, on boring crap you would
    forget 5 minutes before you heard it anyway.

    4. When dining it is unfortunately looked down upon to leave the table before everyone is done eating.
    And you will have to suffer through boring dialogue, but if you can manage. Try to get a bite into your
    mouth right before someone starts talking to you. That way you can make them become bored, since you have
    to chew the food before answering and would most likely move on to their next victim.

    If you follow all these simple guide lines, even you can come through rather unscathered.

    Alright I'm not looking forward to stuff I have to do, since I'd rather play WoW.

    Some people in my life is just that boring.

    *Unless its Twilight but then again if you even considered this you should just end it now.
    It is best for all of us.

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    Proven: 6 and still counting
    Unproven but probaly: Everyone else.

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