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    Nyhm's Warcraft Guides.


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    Nyhm's Warcraft Guides. Empty Nyhm's Warcraft Guides.

    Post  Kanabansha on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:44 am

    Any of you got Nyhm's Warcraft Guide? Is it any good or is it just another scam?
    Looks good but then, some might say too good.
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    Nyhm's Warcraft Guides. Empty Re: Nyhm's Warcraft Guides.

    Post  Sazero on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:19 pm

    I used my google-fu. And it looks pretty legit, however I have one slight problem.

    If he made a video where he wanted to make sure it was not a private server he was playing on he could have shown the file and then log in blurring his account name and password, then log in to the servers.

    But it does look rather legit. The site itself Looks legit aswell and the payment method is secure.

    But why would you buy a guide to wow? It's a game AKA a time sink, making stuff go faster is just moot.

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    Nyhm's Warcraft Guides. Notevil2

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    Nyhm's Warcraft Guides. Empty Re: Nyhm's Warcraft Guides.

    Post  Deathsknight on Fri Sep 25, 2009 1:58 pm

    With things like quest helper, carbonite and all the additional other guides out there available for free i dont see any reason to buy a guide of any description.
    If you know where to look you can get mancows/joanna's guide for free which is definitely one of the better guides out there imo...or just get the zygor package which if i recall is also free and has in game add ons much like QH to help you go from giver to objective/s etc
    As for making gold fast, thousands of online guides again, they all come down to just mining/skinning/herbalism or just doing dailies and questing...and all that gold depends on your servers economy
    Professions guides for speed/power leveling professions are simple to just google, theyre all basically the same...

    PVP just takes pratice imo. There is no real reason for a guide in pvp other than to learn about exploits in certain BG's. PVP varies from person to person, no one does the exact same thing every time so its just a question of trying things out and finding what works for you.

    In conclusion....Buying ANY guide = sad
    Thats just my opinion though and im rather get it for free Razz

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    Nyhm's Warcraft Guides. Empty Re: Nyhm's Warcraft Guides.

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