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    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn)

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    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn) Empty Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn)

    Post  Sazero on Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:22 pm

    So Pedostahn got quite pissed off at me for saying he was not my friend, resulting in him getting kicked form the guild by Teya when he took it the guild chat.
    This is the screen shots I took during the whispers.

    I logged on again Friday and Bahung whispered me again.
    And well I took some screenies I thought were hillarious, Most of them were from Thursday though.

    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn) Notevil
    What do you mean look like? It is how I advocate myself damnit!

    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn) Notevil2
    I'm not a prick or twat or idiot. I am a god damn bastard. Where do you think Bastard Officer from Hell comes from?

    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn) Darthvader
    I am a teacher now? Well I suppose it fits with my glasses and hair.

    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn) Cry
    I never expected me to be an enjoyable person to talk to.

    I really wish I had screenied all of it but its too late to have regrets innit?

    Then he wrote me this ingame mail with 12g in it.
    I thought I had taken a screenshot with my reply but appearently I only got his mail.
    Pedo, would it be too much for me to ask if you could upload my reply? Smile

    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn) Buyable
    My reply was pretty much :"Fuck you and your cash, I am not gonna accept your apology when you asked Teya to deliver it to me. And I sure as hell am not gonna be bought with cash. Oh also, it was not me who kicked you. You're pretty much apologising to the wrong person." and some other nasty stuff.

    Ah well, I've had a laugh Smile. Next!

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    Aftermath (Sazero vs Pedostahn) Notevil2

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