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    Guild chat channel for FoU and Friends


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    Guild chat channel for FoU and Friends Empty Guild chat channel for FoU and Friends

    Post  Deathsknight on Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:29 am

    Ok I have set up a simple in game chat channel for both FoU members and allianced guild members to use. the idea is to be able to get groups by utilizing other allianced folks rather than having to pug randoms.

    the channel is called FoUandfriends so just type /join FoUandfriends and voila!

    You should stay signed in unless you specifically type in to leave the channel. Once people have started using it a password will be implemented to keep numbers down, such as if someone gets kicked from the guild they also get kicked from the channel and the password will be changed (although this is clearly some time off in the future).
    Passwords will be posted on a secure section of these forums and probably put into the message of the day so as to ensure only people with access will be able to actually join the channel.

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